Sanitizers and Disinfectants

R.H. Crown is, acutely, aware of the importance of good health to you, your family and the workplace.  One key to staying healthy is to keep your hands clean, preventing germs and bacteria from entering the body via your nose, eyes and mouth.  An effective hand hygiene program deters the spread of swine flu and other communicable infectious diseases.   

Hand washing, and the use of hand sanitizers when soap and water are not available, are among the easiest and most important steps to take to prevent the spread of germs that cause illness.  Municipal, State and Federal agencies advocate the use of hand sanitizers to help prevent cold and flu. 

There’s an expectation that skin care and personal hygiene products should be available in facilities where large numbers of people come into contact with surfaces, food, and each other – like schools, corporate offices, restaurants, fast food chains and food processing plants.

R.H. Crown offers a complete effective hand hygiene program within industrial, corporate, educational, medical and home environments which includes antibacterial soap, an instant hand sanitizer and moisturizing lotion.        

Whatever type of facility you manage, work or operate, R.H. Crown is committed to make it a HYGIENE safe environment.

Our product lines include:


  1. Claire
  2. Clorox
  3. Georgia-Pacific
  4. GOJO
  5. Essential Industries
  6. Lysol
  7. Monk
  8. J.F. Daley

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