A Few Words About Us

R.H. Crown Co., Inc. (Crown) was founded in 1960 as wholesale janitorial and sanitation distribution business. Within a year, manufacturing and packaging of janitorial chemicals was established to meet market demand for a cost effective Jan/San supplier in the Northeast. The manufacturing was later expanded to include automotive chemicals, primarily, windshield washer solvent and gas line dryer.

The current owner’s purchased the company in 1986. The owner’s saw an opportunity to develop a unique type of wholesale distributorship combining the expertise of two disciplines – Jan/San and Automotive. Each product category was expanded by adding complimentary lines.

Jan/San grew with the addition of paper products, cleaning equipment, lighting and Green Seal products. Automotive increased with the addition of motor oils, lubricants, antifreeze, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), service chemicals, filters and accessories. Both categories, Jan/San and Automotive, were enhanced with memberships in cooperative purchasing groups of Distributor Partners of America (DPA) and the Association of Independent Oil Distributors (AIOD-Service Pro).

Crown’s diverse customer base comprises schools, correctional institutions, municipalities, repair shops, auto distributorships, truck fleets, industrial plants, contractors (construction, vehicle maintenance and cleaning), food and beverage processing plants and retail/wholesale stores.

Today, Crown provides an efficient solution for customers to access a consistent supply of quality products and services from a single source.

Cleaning Supplies

Chemicals and Cleaners
Here you will find a great selection of automotive, industrial, and commercial cleaning chemicals.  Green Seal and Green approved products.
Find all types of equipment for your facilities.  
Sanitation Supplies
Sanitation products, waste cans and disinfectants are available in high quality industrial sizes.  Trash Liners, Gloves Mops and More.