Information & MSDS Sheets


SP Motor oil groups qt'sMotor Oils
dexos1 Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30
Full Synthetic 5W40
Synthetic Blend GF-5 SN
10W40 & SAE Conventional SN
High Mileage GF-5 SN
Full Synthetic GF-5 SN

HD Engine Oils
15W40 CJ-4
15W40 Cl-4 Plus*

SP MV ATF qtTransmission Fluid
Global Full Synthetic Multi- Vehicle ATF
Multi-Purpose ATF
Multi-Vehicle Syn Blend ATF
ATF +3*
ATF +4*
Mercon V•
Dex VI * 

Hydraulic Fluids
AW32, AW46, AW68

Tractor FluidsHydraulis-Fluid-Pails
Tractor Fluids

Economy Universal Tractor

Gear Oils
80W90 & 85W140 
Full Syn 75W90 & 75W140

EP-2 Grease
High Temp Grease

TechSelect FFF pails 7group


Fleet Farm & Field
Economy Mineral Gear Oils
Economy R & O Hydraulic Fluid
Economy Universal Tractor  

Economy AW Hydraulic Oil

Bar & Chain

Anti FreezeSP4AntiGroup
AF Product Reference Chart
AF Product Information Chart
Specs-All Makes All Models Universal Formula
Low Silicate Formula
Heavy Duty Extended Life Formula
1/2 Gallon All Makes All Models Universal Formula
All Makes All Models

Complete Chemical CatalogSP Chem Group
Service Pro Power Steering Fluid Bulletin 
7 Ounce Sizes on Select Chemicals
Fuel System Maintenance Products
Professional Car Care System Products
Brake Maintenance Products
Service Products
Winter Products, Cleaners & Degresers

Service Pro Filter and Wiper Blade eCatalogSP-Air&Oil-Filters
• Oil
• Air
• Transmission Filter Kits
• Fuel Filters
• Cabin Air

Wiper Blades
Beam Blades
OEM Wipers
2010 Wiper Applications Guide
Service Pro Filter and Wiper Blade eCatalog
• Stormking Wipers
• Heavy Duty WipersSP-Wiper-1Group

Lubrication Equipment
Lubrication Equipment

Belts Bulbs & Clamps
On-line lighting application guide

On-line belt application guide

Service Pro O.E.M. series includes a complete offering of serpentine belts, halogen capsules, miniature light bulbs and stainless steel clamps.

Car Wash Detailing
Car Wash Detailing

Motor Oil MSDS SheetsSP motor oil
dexos1 5W-30
SAE 30

Synthetic Blend 5W20
Synthetic Blend 5W30
Synthetic Blend 10W30
Full Synthetic 0W20
Full Synthetic 5W20
Full Synthetic 5W30
Full Synthetic 5W40
Full Synthetic 10W30
High Mileage 5W20
High Mileage 5W30 
High Mileage 10W30

Extra Premium 15W40
15W40 CJ-4
Heavy Duty 30W
Heavy Duty 40W

Lubricants MSDSlubricant group
Automatic Transmission Fluid
Dexron Vl
EP 2 Grease
Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
Economy Mineral Gear Oils
Economy R & O Hydraulic Fluid
Economy AW Hydraulic Oils
Economy Universal Tractor Fluid
ATF +3
Global Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF 
Muti Vehicle Syn Blend ATF
High Temp EP2 Grease
Chain & Bar

Anti-Freeze MSDSSP4AntiGroup
50/50 All Makes All ModelsUniversal Formula
All Makes All ModelsUniversal Formula
Low Silicate Antifreeze
Low Silicate Antifreeze 50/50
Heavy Duty ELC
Heavy Duty ELC 50/50

View MSDS chemicalschem-Group2
Clay Absorbent
DE absorbent

Windshield Wiper Fluid
Service Pro Wash Concentrate
Service Pro 0˚ WWF
Service Pro -20˚ WWF

Car Detail Products
View MSDS Car Detail Products