Motor OilsSP Motor oil groups qt's

dexos1 Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30
Full Synthetic 5W40
Synthetic Blend GF-5 SN
10W40 & SAE Conventional SN
High Mileage GF-5 SN
Full Synthetic GF-5 SN

Engine Oils

15W40 CJ-4
15W40 Cl-4 Plus*

Transmission Fluid

Global Full Synthetic Multi- Vehicle ATFSP ATF qt Case
Multi-Purpose ATF
Multi-Vehicle Syn Blend ATF
ATF +3*
ATF +4*
Mercon V•
Dex VI * 

Tractor Fluids

Tractor Fluids
Economy Universal Tractor

Gear Oils

80W90 & 85W140 SP-UNHyd-Tractorgroup
Full Syn 75W90 & 75W140
Economy Mineral Gear Oils


Fleet, Farm & Field


Anti FreezeSP-HC-Group-(1)

AF Product Reference Chart
AF Product Information Chart
Specs-All Makes All Models Universal Formula
Low Silicate Formula
Heavy Duty Extended Life Formula
1/2 Gallon All Makes All Models Universal Formula
All Makes All Models


Complete Chemical Catalog
Service Pro Power Steering Fluid Bulletin 
7 Ounce Sizes on Select ChemicalsSP Chem Group
Fuel System Maintenance Products
Professional Car Care System Products
Brake Maintenance Products
Service Products

Winter Products, Cleaners & Degresers


Service Pro Filter and Wiper Blade eCatalogSP-Air&Oil-Filters
• Oil
• Air
• Transmission Filter Kits
• Fuel Filters
• Cabin Air

Wiper Blades

Beam Blades

OEM Wipers
2010 Wiper Applications Guide
Service Pro Filter and Wiper Blade eCatalogSP-Wiper-1Group
• Stormking Wipers
• Heavy Duty Wipers

Lubrication Equipment

Lubrication Equipment

Belts Bulbs & Clamps

On-line lighting application guide

On-line belt application guideSP-HC-Citrus-Pumics-14oz

Service Pro O.E.M. series includes a complete offering of serpentine belts, halogen capsules, miniature light bulbs and stainless steel clamps.

Car Wash Detailing

Car Wash Detailing